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Big enough to be a specialist, small enough to remain personal

Actief Werkt! has been in the staffing industry for over 25 years. We are part of the Actief Group, an internationally operating company, making it one of the fastest growing employment agencies. Actief Werkt! has an extensive network of branches in Nederland and is also present as a Actief Group in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark.

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Personal attention makes the difference

Actief Werkt! strives for a labor market where everyone matters. This applies not only to our own employees, but also to our flex workers and, of course, to our customers. Personal attention always makes the difference. We want our clients, flex colleagues and employees to feel personally helped and valued. We do this by listening, paying sincere attention and showing interest in each other. People are our job. That is why we are present close to our customers, at local branches or in-house.

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Social impact

Temporary employment is more than just bringing together supply and demand on the labor market. As an employer, we have an important social and societal role. This means that we want to bring out the best in people every day. Regardless of origin, age, education or experience. Een There is a suitable job for everyone. We therefore create an environment in which our employees, flex workers and customers can grow and develop. We attach great importance to being a good employer . We know our flex workers and are in constant dialogue with them. We train , provide job after job and thus focus on sustainable employability in the labor market. 

Actief Werkt! is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and we pursue three goals in line with our raison d'être. Read more about the social impact we want to achieve and the goals we are committed to on our CSR page .  

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Quality assured

We work with our clients for a long time. By knowing more about each other, cooperation becomes more powerful. Together we achieve the best results. Together we make the difference. We are active and real doers. Action-oriented and no-nonsense. We have short lines and can switch quickly. We know what is going on with our clients and we go the extra mile. We keep our promises. We think along and bring knowledge, specialism and innovation. And we stand for quality:  

  • We are ISO certified
  • We are a member of the ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendorganisatie);  
  • We have set out how we work in our policy statement

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