Our story

Actief Werkt! has more than 25 years of experience in the temporary employment industry. We are part of the Actief Group, an internationally operating company and one of the fastest growing employment agencies. The Actief Group has an extensive network of branches in Nederland ,   Belgium ,   Germany   and   Austria .

Wide range of services

We have a wide range of services. We have supplemented the traditional offer of temporary staffing with in - house services and recruitment & selection . Our flex colleagues are real doers. With people with an education up to and including MBO+ level.

We are specialists in various segments, such as cleaning , production , logistics and transport , construction , installation technology, greenery , Infra , painters , metal , government , technology , administration , offshore     waste and recycling . Knowledge of multiple segments enables original solutions. Our clients recognize us as a sector partner in the region. We understand the needs of our clients and use flexible employment and our knowledge of the labor market to achieve goals.

The power of Actief Werkt

In a world full of digital developments and opportunities, the human dimension continues to make the difference in the temporary employment sector. At the core, our work is people's work. Our culture is what makes us unique and what our competitors cannot copy. Een organization is only as good as its people. We believe in our people. Our main task is to ensure that all our people, but also our flex colleagues, can enjoy their daily work.  

Personal employment agency

Personal is central to our culture. That's how we treat each other. We want our clients, flex colleagues and colleagues to feel personally helped and valued. We do this by listening, paying genuine attention and showing interest in each other. It is not for nothing that we call our flex workers flex colleagues.  

Every year we organize a national election for the best temporary worker of the year   to put our flex colleagues in the spotlight. At every branch of Actief Werkt , a superpower is nominated and personally surprised in the workplace.

Close to clients and flex colleagues

People are our job. That starts with genuine attention. For each other. That is why we are close to our clients and flex colleagues. With   branches nearby   or internally at our customer. We know everyone personally, speak the language of our flex colleagues and know what moves them.  This makes the collaboration more personal and our results better. Together we can make it happen.  

Do what we promise

We are active and real doers. Action-oriented and no-nonsense. We have short lines and can switch quickly. With both feet on the ground and hands up. We are involved and go the extra mile. We keep our promises. We think along with flex colleagues and clients. That means an active, enterprising attitude with room for personal input. This is what we stand for, this is how we make it happen.

Our social role

Temporary staffing is more than just bringing together supply and demand on the labor market. As an employer, we have an important social and societal role. We call that good employership. Not only for our own people, but also for our flex colleagues.  

This means that we want to bring out the best in people every day. We want everyone to be vital and satisfied. And that everyone can develop and grow. We believe in a society in which everyone matters and everyone's quality is used optimally. Regardless of origin, age, education or experience. Een is a suitable job for everyone.  

Quality assured

We work with our clients on a long-term basis. By knowing more about and about each other, the collaboration becomes more powerful. This is only possible by dealing openly with knowledge. Our clients not only hire flexible labour, they also benefit from the knowledge we have about this. We stand for quality.

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