Do you want to learn a new trade?


Do you want to learn a new trade? Want to retrain or retrain? Actief Werkt! likes to invest in your future and that is why we offer various courses. Free of charge and with job guarantee! Continuing to develop yourself is important and will take you further. You create new opportunities for yourself, you can grow and work on your salary. From complete BBL trajectories to individual courses and tailor-made trajectories. The training house at Actief offers training courses of various durations and in all kinds of industries. Find out what suits you and start an education whenever you want!

We work closely with various trainers throughout Nederland . In addition, we have been awarded the Leerwerkintermediair quality mark. This means that we offer BBL students a learning workplace that meets the quality standards.

Interested in the possibilities? Then take a look at our training house. We are happy to talk to you without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

Why our courses work

We are working hard to expand our training offer! In addition to the above courses, there are certainly more opportunities to follow courses and courses in the industries in which we offer work. Do you want to know what options are available to you? Please contact us at

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