Do you want to learn a new trade? Have you retrained or retrained? Then follow a training via Actief . We grant everyone an education: an opportunity to develop yourself and to improve your chances on the labor market. That is good for you and for your employer.

We work closely with trainer TSH Vakopleidingen. also been awarded the Quality Mark Leerwerkintermediair. This means that we offer BBL students a work placement that meets the quality standards. You can follow our courses free of charge.

We believe in strengthening our flex workers. It makes you more employable in the long run. That provides profit for you, for us, for the company where you work, for society. It's not just about knowledge and skills, but also about happiness at work. As you develop, you experience more challenge and you feel better about yourself. 

Training offer


Training Production

✓ Operator

Installation technology training

✓ Electrician
✓ W-Installation Engineer 
✓ Solar panel installer

Training Infrastructure

✓ Training Assistant Infra - Green
✓ BBL Training Opperman pavements
✓ BBL Training Streetmaker
✓ BBL Training 
✓ BBL Training Mechanic gas, water and heat distribution
✓ BBL Training First fitter Gas, water and heat distribution
✓ BBL training Mechanic Low 
✓ BBL training First Mechanic Low Voltage  
✓ Other day courses & certificates

We are working hard to expand our training offer! In addition to the above courses, there are certainly more opportunities to follow courses and courses in the sectors in which we offer work. Do you want to know which options are available for you? Then contact us!