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For a short or longer period? Temporary or permanent? More and more companies have a flexible layer of temporary workers in addition to their permanent staff. This is important in order to be able to grow and to respond quickly to changing market developments. We are happy to help you. Searching for suitable personnel takes a lot of time. So outsource it to our specialists. Do you have a vacancy? We have the candidate!

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Nederland 's most personal employment agency

Actief Werkt Uitzendbureau has more than 25 years of experience in the temporary employment sector. We are part of the Actief Group, an internationally operating company and one of the fastest growing employment agencies. The Actief Group has an extensive network of offices in Nederland , Belgium, Germany and Austria.

In a world full of digital developments and opportunities, the human dimension continues to make the difference in the temporary employment sector. At its core, our work is people's work. Personal is therefore central to our culture, that is what makes us unique.  We want our clients, flex colleagues and colleagues to feel personally helped and valued. Curious about our story ?


Work for refugees. Help build a dignified existence!

People who leave home and hearth because of the war in Ukraine will reach the next phase at a certain point. As an employment agency, we see that self-reliance and job opportunities are extremely important. Signals that we receive first-hand, thanks to a special team that is ready to provide these people with the correct information and to mediate in work.

Please contact your regular contact person Actief Werkt! if you are interested in discussing the filling of jobs by Ukrainian refugees with us.

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