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Do you temporarily need extra staff? For a short or longer period? We are happy to help you. More and more companies have a flexible layer of temporary workers in addition to their permanent staff. Ideal to absorb unexpected peaks or, for example, to replace a sick employee.  


Temporary workers are indispensable in your organisation

A flexible layer of temporary workers is important for companies to be able to grow and to respond quickly to changing market developments. With a good flexible layer, your organization is more agile and you can immediately scale up and down with personnel, so that you can always anticipate a changed demand.

In the case of temporary employment, we make our flex workers available at a pre-agreed rate. The number of hours per week and the duration of the work is flexible. You only pay for the hours actually worked. As an active employer, you will not run any risk in the event of illness, failure or dismissal. No hassle with posting vacancies online, conducting job interviews and selecting the right candidates. You tell us what you are looking for and we take care of everything, from recruitment to administrative processing.

Benefits at a glance

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Only deploy people when you really need them. We provide the right people in the right place. We remain involved and have personal contact with both you and our flex colleagues

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No worries about the recruitment and selection of the right candidates, arranging contracts, remuneration and guidance. We take this work off your hands.  

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No risks

We are formally the employer and you therefore bear no risks in the event of illness, failure or dismissal. Een command can be stopped in the meantime.

Temporary workers via Actief

With more than 25 years of experience in the temporary employment industry and branches throughout Nederland , we have an extensive network of flex workers who are strong in executive work. We know our temporary workers personally, speak the same language and know what moves them. This makes the collaboration more personal and our results better. Our main task is to ensure that our flex workers enjoy their day-to-day work and that it fits the culture of your organization.

We remain involved with our flex workers, even if they are already working for you. We are in regular contact to check that everything is going well. This way we are aware of what is happening in your workplace and we can adjust quickly if necessary.

What does a temporary worker cost?

A flex worker has a flexible employment contract and you only pay for the hours worked. The hourly rate depends on various factors, such as the candidate's experience, the duration of the assignment and your collective agreement.   A flex worker is legally entitled to equal pay for work that permanent employees with the same position earn within your organization. Do you want to know exactly what a flex worker costs? Share your vacancy and we will calculate your rate without obligation

Do you need large volumes of temporary workers? And are efficiency and productivity important themes within your organization? Perhaps our   Inhouse Services service   is a good fit.  

Taking over temporary workers in permanent employment

Are you so satisfied with our flex worker that you would prefer to hire him or her on a permanent basis? That is possible. You may offer the flexworker a contract directly after the flexworker has worked the pre-agreed number of hours. If you want to hire the temporary worker earlier, we apply a so-called takeover scheme.  

Difference between temporary employment and recruitment & selection

Our task does not end with recruitment and selection. The flexworker remains employed by us and we are a legal employer. You can hire our flex worker for a shorter or longer period, for which you pay us an hourly rate.

This is different with Recruitment and Selection, where the candidate is immediately employed by you. You are responsible from day one for the salary payment, the statutory payment and the costs associated with any absenteeism or absenteeism. You pay us a fixed fee for the selection process in which we completely unburden you. Recruitment and Selection is suitable if you are looking for a new colleague for a permanent position within your company and if you want to bind this colleague to your organization for a longer period of time. For more information, please contact a branch near you.  

Post a vacancy

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we are happy to discuss your needs and provide you with free professional advice. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or on location. We prefer to visit you personally, because then we can form a good picture of your organization, your wishes and needs.

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