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Are you looking for new talent? Do you need temporary employees? Does your work process have (unpredictable) peaks and troughs in workload? Is it difficult for you to deploy staff on unpopular (short) shifts? Or do you want to exclude employer risks?

Different needs require different solutions. Active Student is the newest network of flexible employees. With us you are assured of qualitatively motivated employees, flexibility, digital convenience and cost savings. Ad hoc implementation of your one-time application, temporary project-based assignments, pool management as a flexible layer on your permanent staff, exciting (study-related) side jobs, internships or (start-up) positions for (young) professionals. Whether you need 1, 10 or 100 temporary workers… we can arrange it for you!

Some   advantages   to choose Active Student:

  • Our candidates can be deployed on: on-call basis, project-based, temporary assignments, (study-related) side jobs and starter jobs.
  • Students are flexible in work, days and times. As a result, they can also be deployed during peak periods, at times when your permanent employees prefer to be free and before the wee hours of the day.
  • Due to their high level of education, they are quickly absorbed, which can result in lower training costs.
  • We always offer you an attractive rate
  • Part of Active. Are you not looking for students, but are you looking for another candidate? We would be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues.

Many students and young professionals work for us because our work offer is often very attractive for this group. However, that does not mean that we only focus on this age group. Everyone is welcome, regardless of educational background and age. Tell us what you are looking for and we will quickly help you find the right candidate. Or curious about our rates and other services? Fill in the form via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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How is it determined how much I will earn as a flexible worker at Actief?

From day 1 you will receive the wage that is customary at the user company for the position you are going to perform (user company remuneration). We record this in the temporary employment contract. The wage that is customary at the hirer is determined by the collective labor agreement they follow or by the company regulations.  

How do I report my worked hours?

That can be done in different ways. We work with digital time registration for almost all clients; often with a pass or clock card. Do you work with a pass?   Then make sure you clock in and out properly, so that everything goes well with your salary payment. If you don't work with clocking in and out, you can work with FLUX, an app that allows you to quickly and easily pass on your worked hours. It is also possible to report your hours worked via a timesheet.

When will my salary be paid?

We pay your salary per week or every four weeks. You can indicate that yourself. If you do not indicate anything, you will automatically be paid per week. You can always change that in the meantime. We can only pay you on time if you have also communicated your hours to us on time.

How do I get my pay slips?

You can retrieve your pay slips online via our website by logging into your 'My Active' environment by logging into   .  



How do I get to 'My Active'?

You can log in via our website, which will take you to your 'My Active' environment. To log in you need a login code and password. You will receive this information by e-mail when you register online with us   or when you receive your first salary. You can also log in to 'My Active' with this information. This way you can always access your data while on the road. You can also change your personal details in 'My Active'.

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What are reservations?

In addition to salary, you also build up holiday reservations. This is how it works: every week we automatically set aside a certain percentage of your gross salary for you in the form of days off, holiday pay and short-term absenteeism (eg for a visit to a doctor or dentist). You can have that credit paid out, e.g. for holidays or a day off, so that you also get paid.


Am I entitled to continued payment of public holidays?

Your public holiday will continue to be paid if it is a nationally recognized public holiday, and if it falls on a day that you normally work. When your working days change, it will be checked whether there is a consistent work pattern that entitles you to continued payment of the public holiday in that week.  

There is a stable work pattern if you have worked at least 7 times on that day in the week in a period of thirteen consecutive weeks.  

Have you been employed for less than 13 weeks? Then we check whether you have been working on that day for at least half of the number of weeks you worked.  


What about my holiday pay?

You are entitled to 8.33% holiday allowance of the actual wage for the days worked, holidays and public holidays. The holiday pay will be paid to you in mid-May. Even if you take a consecutive holiday of at least five working days, it is possible to get your holiday pay paid out. Please contact your Actief contact person for this.


When will I receive payment for my reservations?

If you stop working for Actief, you will be paid your reservations. Accrued holiday pay is (also) always paid in the month of May. You can take holidays during the year, provided you do not take more in that week than you normally work (on average) (hours worked + hours of leave). Do you want to take paid leave? Then you can simply let your contact person at Actief know.  


Can I carry over my leave days to the next year?

Holidays are not valid indefinitely, the government has determined. You have statutory holidays and non-statutory holidays. You can leave statutory days until one year after the end of the year for which you received them, if you work in phase A or B. Do you work in phase C? Then you can even leave them for five years.   Holidays in excess of the statutory entitlement can be kept for five years for everyone.  

When you take leave, the vacation days that are still valid for the shortest time are automatically deducted. You can see how much statutory and non-statutory leave you still have on your pay slip or in your My Active. Sometimes leave days are designated as collective days off under the collective labor agreement of the company where you work. Then you are obligated to be free. This can also happen if the company has a business closure, as is sometimes the case, for example, between Christmas and New Years.  


Do I also accrue pension as a flex worker?

Yes, of course! Of course you mainly work to earn money directly, but we also think about your future. We have a pension scheme for all flex colleagues of 21 years and older at STIP Pensioen. Your exact rights and obligations depend on how long you work for Actief. When you first start working for a client via Actief, you start in phase A. After 8 weeks of work in phase A, you will participate in the Basic pension scheme if you are 21 or older. Active then pays your pension premium. After 60 works worked, you enter the plus scheme, in which 1/3 of the pension premium is deducted from your salary.



How does it work with phases A, B, and C?

The longer you work through an employment agency, the more rights you accrue. This takes place in 3 phases.

Phase A

We call the first 52 weeks that you work for Actief phase A. Only the weeks in which you actually worked count for the 52-week count. Those 52 weeks do not have to be consecutive, but an interruption may not last longer than 26 weeks. Then you start again at the front in Phase A.

Phase B

After 52 weeks of work you are entitled to a fixed-term employment contract. In this phase you can receive a maximum of six fixed-term contracts in a maximum period of three years. Here too you start again at the beginning in phase A after a 6-month break.

Phase C

If you are deployed again via Actief within 6 months after completing phase B, you will enter phase C. In this phase you will receive an employment contract for an indefinite period.

What should I do if I am sick?

If you get sick on a day that you were going to work, it is very annoying for you in the first place. But it is also annoying for the company where you work. Fortunately, together we ensure that the work does not come to a standstill. If you call in sick on time, we can deploy another colleague to take over your work. Because we count on your commitment, it is important that you keep a number of agreements in the event of illness;

  • Call the company where you work as soon as possible, but in any case well before the start of your shift.
  • Call us before 9.00 and state the address where you will be staying during your illness. We agree that you will call us regularly to hear how you are doing.  


Should I pass it on when I'm better?

Yes! That is even very important! If you are better, report this to the company where you work and to your Actief contact person.

Do you work for Actief Werkt ? Then the following answer also applies:

What is also important: do you work in Phase A with an agency clause? Then you also pass on your recovery report to Acture, via telephone number 024-890 94 70. If this is the case for you, you have already been informed of this when you report sick. Are you in doubt? Then you can always ask your contact person at Actief Werkt!

Do you work for Actief Techniek ? Then the following answer additionally applies:

You must also personally report your recovery report to the StaanArbo Case Manager via telephone number: 050 850 89 44.

What about my health insurance?

Everyone in Nederland is required to take out health insurance. You inform Actief with which health insurer you are insured. Active has also taken out collective health insurance for flex workers. You can participate for an attractive premium. You have plenty of choice for additional insurance packages.  
Usually you can only switch health insurers as of 1 January. There is an exception. If you were collectively insured through your previous employer, and you then start working through Actief, you can also switch from one collective insurance policy to another during the year. Inquire about the collectivity number from your Actief contact person.

What if I get health problems due to my work?

Of course you want to avoid getting sick, and we want that too! Even if you have health problems that may be related to your work, you should first discuss this with your Actief contact person. In consultation with the client, we look at whether simple adjustments can help. You also have the option to talk to the health and safety service. This is called a working conditions consultation hour.

You can also request a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) if you have been employed by Actief for at least four years. Then we look at the health risks of your work, and how the risks can be limited.

Are you interested in such a consultation or research? Then report it to your Actief contact person

Can I also follow courses at Actief?

You can certainly follow courses at Actief.   There are several reasons why you would want to follow a course. Maybe you want to grow, specialize or go in a completely different direction. At Actief we offer all kinds of training and courses, such as forklift driver or VCA basic safety, but also Operator or Pipefitter. New courses are added regularly. If you are interested in following a course, you can discuss this with your Actief contact person. You can view our training offer here !

I have a complaint, what now?

We do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy your work and that you are employed at a company where you enjoy it. However, complaints do occur. We would like to help you as best as possible. You can always contact your contact person. You can also send your complaint via the complaint form .

We also like to hear good news!  

Can you help me with financial concerns?

Active can help you if you have money worries.   Via Doorzaam you can sign up for first aid for money worries . You will then come into contact with a coach who will help you.  

Is this not sufficient and are you dealing with (imminent) debts? Then we can also register you directly with a budget coach via Doorzaam. This budget coach helps you in a very targeted way with your financial situation.   Here you can read more information about budget coaching.  

Something for you? Please contact your Actief contact person or call the flex advice department on 076-5302060. We are happy to help you.