Active in waste & recycling

The world of waste and recycling is always on the move. It is a world where social awareness plays a major role. It is not for nothing that it is a world in which we feel at home. We have over 25 years of experience finding the best employees for the industry and finding solutions that go beyond that.

Waste and recycling personnel

Are you looking for flexible staff? Een flexible workforce is important to be able to grow and respond to changes in the market. It enables you to quickly scale up and down in personnel. With our extensive pool of flex colleagues you will quickly have the right employees in waste and recycling.  

Our flex colleagues like to keep the city clean and liveable. They collect waste in various ways. This can be household waste or industrial waste. Our flexible colleagues are loyal and involved, partly because we frequently invest in training courses. You can deploy our flex colleagues for the following locations:

  • Truck
  • Waste depot or environmental station
  • Public areas such as sports fields and forests

Benefits at a glance

Active in waste & recycling

In person

Personal is central to our culture. That's how we treat each other. We want our clients and flex colleagues to feel personally helped and valued.

Active in waste & recycling

Close to

Always a branch nearby or in-house at your location. We know everyone personally, speak the same language and know what is going on.

Active in waste & recycling

To do

We are active and real doers. Action-oriented and no-nonsense. We are involved and go the extra mile. And think along with flex colleagues and clients

Curious about the possibilities?

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we are happy to discuss your needs and provide you with free professional advice. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or on location. We prefer to visit you personally, because then we can form a good picture of your organization, your wishes and needs.

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