Cleaning at Hago

Do you already know Hago? We work with several cleaning companies, and Hago is one of them. Hago is one of the largest cleaning companies of Nederland . They need a lot of cleaning staff. If you enjoy cleaning trains, Hago Railservices is exactly what you are looking for. Do you think it would be more fun to clean at healthcare institutions? Then you can contact Hago Zorg. Would you rather sit between the smell of freshly baked bread? Then we welcome you with open arms at Hago Food & Industry. Do you want to be able to chat with customers and employees in between? Then we look forward to seeing you at Hago Next. 

Working at Hago via Actief Werkt!

A team of specialists in the region is at work at Actief Werkt! , completely focused on working at Hago. Team Hago of Actief Werkt! is the point of contact for both temporary workers and contact persons at Hago. We have been working together for a long time and we know each other well. This way we help you with cleaning work that suits you. We make sure that you are scheduled the way you want to work.

Hago . Jobs

There are plenty of vacancies. We have full-time vacancies and part-time vacancies. You can work in a hospital, a school, or in an office. We are regularly looking for cleaners for train cleaning, or for cleaning holiday homes and hotels. 

To Hago vacancies

Why work at Hago via Actief Werkt! ?

1. Permanent contact person
You will be assigned a permanent contact person, who will deploy you as best as possible to work that suits you. Do you want to work many hours? Your contact person combines requests to offer you the desired number of hours.

2. Safe at work
Your safety at work is important to us, so we make the necessary protective equipment available. Een worry less!

3. Good salary
You will be paid according to the cleaning collective agreement. The salaries under this collective labor agreement are about 12%-20% above the minimum wage. In addition, there are surcharges for irregularities, weekend shifts, night shifts, etc.

4. Buying a house as a flex colleague
You can also buy a house as a temporary worker. If you have been working with us for at least one year, you may qualify for a so-called 'perspective statement'. This statement looks at your future opportunities on the labor market, and can make a mortgage possible.

Contact with team Hago

Please contact us using the contact details below. See which region you fall in and then choose the option.

North East Region - 076 523 2977

Option 1: Groningen , Drenthe , Friesland and Overijssel
Option 2: Gelderland
Option 3: Utrecht

Region West - 076 523 2976

Option 1: North Holland North
Option 2: North Holland South, Flevoland
Option 3: South Holland

Region South - 076 523 2978

Option 1: Zeeland and West Brabant
Option 2: Central and East Brabant
Option 3: Limburg North
Option 4: Limburg South




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