Green courses

Green courses

Are you a go-getter and do you like being outdoors? Then a Green education is really something for you! We offer various training courses within the Green sector. Whether you are at the start of your career or you want to develop further within Groen; there is something for everyone! So read on quickly...

✓ Your tuition is paid by us

✓ We arrange work clothes and tools for you

✓ Any travel costs will be reimbursed

Green training offer

Do you prefer to put what you have learned into practice right away? Then opt for a BBL training. You go to school one day a week for theory and the other days you work (paid) at a recognized training company. We also offer various short-term courses/training to further develop yourself within the industry. Below you will find the complete Green training offer:  

Training BBL: Gardener Employee

Do you work in the green and would you like to develop further into an employee gardener? Then you've come to the right place at Active!

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Education: Skilled Gardener (VHG Branche training)  

Do you want to work in landscaping as a gardener, but do you not yet have the right papers to get started? Then follow the VHG sector training to become a skilled gardener via Actief.

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Training: Assistant Infra - Green (8 weeks)

Do you want to retrain in the Infrastructure or Green sector? In our 4-week training course Assistant Infra - Green , followed by an internship of 4 weeks, you learn the basic techniques that come with working in civil engineering (ground, road and hydraulic engineering) and working in landscaping.  

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