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Everyone at work. We do this based on our aim: 'work follows people'. Out of personal interest, we get to know our flex colleagues and clients. With this knowledge we guide flex colleagues to a suitable working environment. We do this on location at our clients, in order to optimally utilize and safeguard continuity and development. As an HR partner, we guide our flex colleagues and clients from sustainable relationships to stability and growth. We achieve this by investing in personal attention and the use of supportive and innovative tools. That makes us the most personal in-house service provider with the longest partnerships!

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A flexible layer of temporary workers is important to be able to grow and to respond quickly to changing market developments.  

When you are ready for this, we will take everything off your hands . From recruitment to administrative processing and contract formation .


Investing in employees has never been more important. Training and/or retraining them ensures a future-proof workforce.  

We have developed a special training house for this purpose, aimed at the sustainable deployment of flexible colleagues.


Do you need extra staff for a longer period of time or for a specific project?  

Then secondment is a good solution. This offers you more security than broadcasting. With secondment, you opt for more bonding with the flex worker, because he or she will be working for you for a longer period of time.


We also recruit and select the right candidate for permanent positions within your company. We often talk about functions performed by highly educated specialists and managers .

These people are ready for the next step in their career and are looking for permanent positions within companies

New perspective thanks to sincere attention and interest

14 February 2023

Een labor market where everyone matters. That is our vision of work. We do this by not excluding anyone, we really have room for everyone. Moreover, we think investing in our flex workers through training and retraining is so important

Een a look behind the scenes at Inhouse Intercedent Naomi

14 October 2022

Naomi van Damme, Inhouse Intercedent for the Cleaning Industry: “Every day I contribute to the great goal of connecting customer and flexworker. I thereby help in fulfilling everyone's needs! And that also gives me a good one

The coolest garbage woman is Joy

16 June 2022

Joy doesn't care that there are mainly men behind a garbage truck. 23-year-old Joy Vuuren is a hardworking garbage woman at Cycle.