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At Actief Techniek you will find various vacancies in the infrastructure, such as   , earthworker, mechanic gas, water and heat, mechanic low voltage or mini crane operator .   Does a challenging job appeal to you,   where     work   on   big projects   ?   At Actief Techniek there are many   possibilities. For example, we can arrange a BBL trajectory or internship for you and you can follow a training course through us. Have you already been trained in the   infrastructure sector ? Then   quickly   to our vacancies . Before you know it, you'll have a great job!

Vacancies infrastructure companies

Actief Techniek has   branches   throughout Nederland . Thanks to our broad network, we can offer you vacancies at various infrastructure companies. We would be happy to talk to you to see which company suits you best. Do you work as a freelancer? Then we can also   ZZP mediation   for you. We arrange   ZZP assignments   for you and take over the paperwork, so that you can focus on the work. In addition to   ZZP assignments   at infrastructure companies, we can also help you if you are looking for a     for a specific assignment. Feel free to contact us!  

Vacancies infra road worker

Are you a hard worker and do you have technical insight? Then our vacancies in the infrastructure as a road worker are for you! The work is varied; you will be flattering, cutting and sawing paving material, hammering streets and vibrating paving. You can work well independently, but also work together in a team or manage other foremen and road workers. Do the vacancies in the infrastructure as a road worker appeal to you? Let us know!

Vacancies infra excavation worker

Do you like to work outdoors with large equipment, such as cranes and shovels? Take a look at our vacancies in the infrastructure as groundworker. You will work on widening roads, laying (deep) sewers, laying cables and pipes and closing trenches. You work on large projects where you see quick results. Do our vacancies in infrastructure as a groundworker appeal to you, but have you not yet been trained in this? Then you can also follow a training or   training via Actief Techniek   .

Vacancies infrastructure engineer gas and water

Are you a specialist in the field of gas and water pipes? Then our vacancies in the infrastructure as a gas and water technician are very suitable for you!   You measure the pipeline route independently and you locate cables and pipelines on the basis of drawings. Also shorten your pipe sections. You coat them, drill them and   carry out necessary maintenance. Do the gas and water technician vacancies appeal to you? Then contact us quickly!

In addition to vacancies in the infrastructure as a gas and water technician,   Actief Techniek offers vacancies   in other sectors, such as: