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Do you currently work in the retail, travel, catering or hospitality sector and do you want to get more out of your qualities? Or are you completely fed up with irregular working hours and poor working conditions? Then get started as an intermediary at Actief Werkt! . As an intermediary (also known as a recruiter) you look for the best candidates for our clients. With about 70 branches, Actief Werkt! is always close to you.

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Why become an intermediary?

  • Variety: As an intermediary you have a lot of variety in your work. You work for different clients and talk to different people every day.
  • Good terms and conditions of employment: Everything is well arranged for you, such as your pension, laptop, telephone, etc. We also offer fun outings, bonuses and other interesting arrangements.
  • Regular working hours: In contrast to work in the retail, travel, catering and hospitality sector, you have regular working hours as a recruiter. This means you no longer have to work in the evenings or on weekends.
  • Development opportunities: We consider the growth of our people important. That's why we also offer you the opportunity to get your associate degree at the cost of Actief works!

Work of a recruiter? 

As a recruiter you will look for the right candidate for our clients. You do this by enthusing people for a position, by screening them and by holding intake interviews. In addition, you call referees, you deal with personnel planning and you maintain contact with the customer and our seconded personnel. So you have a lot of variety in your work and you spend a lot of time with people. This way your experience from the retail, catering, travel or hospitality industry will come in handy!

Why becoming a recruiter at Actief works!?

  • Best workplace: At Actief Werkt! , the workforce comes first.
  • Work hard, Play hard : We celebrate our success through fun team outings, spectacular parties and cool weekends away!
  • Bonus schemes : We believe that good performance should be rewarded with bonuses.
  • Personal choice budget of 2%: This choice budget can be used for more free time or more salary. That way you can decide for yourself what is important to you.
  • Ficsfree : We offer an interesting gross-net scheme. With this you receive high discounts on electronics, sports subscriptions or bicycles.

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About Actief Werkt!

Our core values are personal, enterprising and together . In addition, we are ambitious and want to continue to grow. In the meantime, we already have about 70 locations across the country and have become one of the 10 largest employment agencies of Nederland .

We are big, but also small. At our locations there is a pleasant and informal working atmosphere, where everyone is ready for each other. We think personal contact is important. That is why applicants always visit us first before they get started. We believe in the power of combining online and physical contact. This way, as an intermediary, you are also more involved with the people you send out.

Intermediate training

To become an intermediary at Actief works! you do not need specific training, but we do ask for HBO work and thinking level. However, this does not mean that you also have to have completed a HBO education.

When you start at Actief works! you will receive an onboarding program for the first few days at our head office in Breda . You will receive accommodation and food from us. During the induction program you will be taken along with other new colleagues in the basic activities and systems.

After that, your colleagues will take you further in the work as an intermediary. Of course, training and courses are still offered so that you can take the next steps when you are ready. Your development is important to us. That is why you have a 1-on-1 meeting with your managers once every 6-8 weeks to discuss your wishes and development opportunities. This way you can grow at your pace!

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