Metal courses

Metal courses

Are you interested in technology, do you like to work with your hands and do you work accurately? Then a Metal course is really something for you! Een world without metal is unimaginable. From ships, pipelines, bridges and forklifts to cars and simple utensils: you can imagine that metal is involved!

The demand for these professionals in Metal & Technology is expected to remain high in the coming years; a promising industry with plenty of future prospects! Actief Techniek offers various metal learning & work trajectories so that in addition to following a recognized metal training course, you are also assured of a   suitable job!


✓ Your tuition is paid by us

✓ We arrange work clothes and tools for you

✓ Any travel costs will be reimbursed

Training offer Metal

Do you prefer to put what you have learned into practice right away? Then opt for a BBL training.   You go to school one day a week for theory and the other days you work (paid) at a recognized training company. We also offer various short-term courses/training to further develop yourself within the industry. Below you will find the complete Metal training offer:  

Training BBL: Pijfitter

Our BBL Pipefitter training lasts 2 years. First you will spend 20 days (following) with us in the training location. After that, you will start working for one of our pipeline construction partners. The remaining 40 days of your training are spread over 2 years. There are several moments to enroll in the BBL Pipe Fitting Training course per year.

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Work planner training

As a work planner, you ensure that the projects run optimally and are delivered within the set deadlines by means of good technical and organizational preparation. The Work Planner training lasts 20 half-days and in this short period of time teaches you the right skills to do this independently and successfully.  

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We are working hard to expand our training offer! In addition to the above courses, there are certainly more opportunities to follow courses and courses in the sectors in which we offer work. Do you want to know which options are available for you? Then contact us!