Our services

We believe in a segmented service. This way you get exactly the attention and specialization tailored to your needs. In practice, we experience that our six forms of service, delivered from our labels , are close to each other. For example, because your needs for a flexible shell grow as your business activities increase. That is why we would like to talk to you personally to see which service suits you best. Please contact one of our colleagues for this or read more about what we can do for per service.

Our services

To broadcast

A flexible layer of temporary workers is important to be able to grow and to respond quickly to changing market developments. Only deploy people when you really need them. We take care of everything, from recruitment to administrative processing. And you do not bear any risk.

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In-house Services

The outcome for large volumes of temporary workers. Our specialists work at your location and are an extension of your organization. Service from A to Z. Your goal is our goal. With a view to efficiency and productivity improvement.

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The candidate will be employed directly by you. Ideal if you are looking for a new colleague for a permanent position within your company and want to bind this colleague to you for a longer period of time. No cure no pay. You only pay when your new colleague starts working.

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Do you need extra staff for a longer period of time or for a specific project? Then secondment is a good solution. This offers you more security than broadcasting. With secondment you opt for more bonding with the flexworker, because he or she will be working for you for a longer period of time.

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The importance of training and retraining personnel has only increased in recent years. The labor market is not standing still. It is a smart move to ensure that your workforce is future-proof. We continuously invest in training flexible colleagues.

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freelance mediation

Is your company looking for a freelancer for a temporary assignment? Then you are in the right place at Actief ZZP! We are a certified ZZP mediation company in the technical sector. If you are looking for a skilled freelancer, you will find the perfect candidate at Actief ZZP!

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Work for refugees. Help build a dignified existence!

People who leave home and hearth behind because of the war in Ukraine will reach the next phase at a certain point. As an employment agency, we see that self-reliance and job opportunities are extremely important. Signals that we receive first-hand, thanks to a special team that is ready to provide these people with the correct information and to mediate in work.

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