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Privacy Statement Actief Werkt!

This is the privacy statement of Actief Werkt! Uitzendbureau BV, Actief Werkt! BV, Actief Werkt! payroll BV, Actief Werkt! Beheer BV and of the Actief Student label. Further in this privacy statement collectively referred to as “ Actief Werkt! ”.   Actief Werkt! is responsible for the processing of your personal data. Actief Werkt! is (among others) located at 11 Takkebijsters, postal code 4817 BL in Breda .

When you provide personal data to Actief Werkt! as a flex worker, candidate, applicant, self-employed without personnel or (direct or hired) employee, your data will be included in the database of Actief Werkt! . This also applies to the data that we receive from you as an employee or representative of a (potential) business relationship (such as a (potential) client, supplier, seller or other company or institution). In this statement we inform you about which personal data we process, what we do with it and what your rights are as a data subject.  

What data do we process from our website visitors?

In general, our website can be visited without your personal data being passed on to us. Like many other websites, this website automatically collects certain non-identifiable information about the users of the website, such as, for example, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, date and time of access to the website, the internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our website, the operating system you use, the parts of the website you visit, the pages of the website you visited and the information you viewed , information about the type of device you use to visit the site, the region where you are located and the material you submit or download from the website. This technical information is used for the administration of the website and system administrator, and to improve the website and its use. This technical data may be passed on to third parties and may be stored permanently for future use.

Actief Werkt! uses cookies and web statistics. Een cookie is a file that is stored on your computer. These cookies can be recognized during a subsequent visit to our website. Using this information helps us to improve the site. This is to optimize user-friendliness.

Our websites may contain references and/or hyperlinks to one or more websites of others. This privacy statement does not apply to these websites and we recommend that you read the privacy policy of the websites of these others so that you are aware of how they handle your privacy.

When do we collect your personal data?

We collect your data from the moment you enter or leave your data on our website, you register at one of our branches or you register in another way or are registered to use our services.

Why do we collect your personal data?

We collect and process your data for the performance of our HR services, including mediation, temporary employment, secondment, payroll, recruitment & selection, personal development and employability, salary administration and personnel management. More specifically, your personal data is processed to:

  1. to be able to make offers and/or provide you with information about our services and other activities. And to better tailor these offers to your wishes and qualities. Our employees do this and it is partly automated (for example with a vacancy alert).
  2. to approach you for commercial offers, newsletters and promotions that may be of interest to you.
  3. to be able to assess your suitability and availability in connection with mediation for permanent or temporary work or an assignment, whereby use can also be made of test results, reference checks, etc.
  4. to enter into and maintain an employee or personnel/mediation relationship with you and to carry out the relevant administration for this.
  5. to fulfill our reintegration obligations and to comply with (the government-imposed purpose) of helping people with a greater(er) distance from the labor market to find work.
  6. to be able to record an assignment with the client in an agreement with the client and to maintain and fulfill the agreement with the client.
  7. to promote your personal development and employability, including training, education and testing.
  8. for management purposes including management information, providing internal controls and business safety and conducting audits and auditing.
  9. quality purposes such as certification.
  10. to apply for subsidies, premium discounts, etc.
  11. if we have entered into an employee or personnel/mediation relationship with you, for legal and regulatory compliance, including but not limited to identification, labor law, tax and social security law, anti-fraud and national and international sanctions laws.

What personal data is collected by us?

Actief Werkt! processes the personal data that are necessary for our services; some of this information is required to be able to use our services. Additional data can be useful to better tailor the service to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific questions or obligations from clients. You are responsible for the correctness and topicality of the information you provide.
In concrete terms, this concerns - among others - the following personal data:

When you register with us:

  • Name and address details, e-mail address and other contact details
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Sex
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), information about education, internships and work experience
  • Data about training courses and courses and/or tests that you have followed or done yourself or through us
  • Availability and leave data
  • Other information that is (or may be) important in the context of the assessment of the suitability of the candidate, for example references and certificates
  • Optional passport photo / video (introduction) - on a voluntary basis, with no consequences if you don't do it. Potential clients can see this passport photo / video.

The moment you can start working/works/has worked for Actief Werkt! :

  • Nationality, citizen service number, copy of ID, possible work permit, bank account number
  • Declarations of good conduct (VOG) (if necessary for the position)
  • Other data related to the personnel, salary and absenteeism registration

Actief Werkt! only records special personal data if there is a legal basis for doing so. Special personal data includes data about a person's religion or belief, race, political affiliation, health, sexual life, genetic data, biometric data, as well as data regarding trade union membership. In addition, this includes criminal law data and data about unlawful or disruptive behavior in connection with a ban imposed as a result of this behaviour.

The special data that we process usually concerns data on your proof of identity, of which we are required by law to make a copy if you start working for us. In addition, we may process special personal data relating to your health, benefit situation or background. We do this to be able to make use of (premium) discounts and/or subsidies, to meet our reintegration obligations and to implement the government goal of helping people with a greater or greater distance from the labor market to find work, which can be found in various (future) legislation and regulations. People with a great(er) distance from the labor market include people who have been unemployed for a longer period of time, who are 50 years or older and/or who have difficulty finding a job without reintegration support.

The special personal data that you provide to us are only accessible to persons who need this data for the (performance of) their work and/or to comply with applicable laws and regulations. This includes personnel, financial, absenteeism and/or salary administration, processors, persons involved in (internal and external) quality assurance, (supervision of) financial reporting and the implementation of premium discount and subsidy schemes.
We can also pass on the special personal data received from you to our clients if there is a legal basis for this. We can also pass on this data to government institutions that monitor the implementation of government objectives and/or grant (premium) discounts and/or subsidies.

Why are we allowed to collect this personal data?

Actief Werkt! is allowed to collect this data on the basis of privacy legislation because:

  • In some cases, you have been asked for explicit permission for this. You can revoke the given consent at any time.
  • It is necessary to be able to perform an agreement that Actief Werkt! has with you. This includes the temporary employment contract that we enter into with you as a temporary worker.
  • It is necessary to be able to comply with a legal obligation. This includes our obligation as an employer to keep a copy of ID.
  • It is necessary to be able to represent our legitimate interest. Where Actief Werkt! considers whether her interests really outweigh your interests when it comes to privacy.

Who can your personal data be shared with?

Actief Werkt! may pass on your personal data to other companies that are also engaged in employment and job placement services and that belong to the Actief Werkt! group, its clients, subcontractors, processors, who provide services or carry out assignments on its behalf, suppliers, government authorities and other business relationships. And in all other cases where we can be obliged to do so, for example by a court order or a court order.
Your personal data may be passed on to parties outside Europe. Actief Werkt! chooses these parties carefully. In doing so, we ensure that a reasonable level of protection of personal data applies, comparable to the protection in Europe. Agreements are also made with these parties about appropriate security measures to properly protect the personal data.

How long are your personal data stored?

We keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose or in accordance with the applicable legal retention periods.

for job placement (if you have not (yet) worked for Actief Werkt! )
Your mediation details (CV, work experience, education, test results, etc.) are available up to two years after the last contact if you have not worked for Actief Werkt! .

with job applications permanent / indirect employees (no job placement)
Your data will be kept for a maximum of 4 weeks, unless you give permission to keep the data for 1 year.

if you work/have worked for Actief Werkt!

  • Job placement data, screening data, job application data, are stored for up to 2 years after the termination of your temporary employment contract.
  • Copy of ID proof, work permits, payroll tax statements and personnel files are kept for 5 years after the end of the calendar year of termination of employment.
  • Reintegration files are kept for 2 years after the termination of the temporary employment / employment contract. With own risk bearer status of the Sickness Benefits Act, a retention period of 5 years after the last act in the file applies, and with own risk bearer WGA a retention period of 10 years applies.
  • Personal data and documents that are important for tax purposes (such as temporary employment contracts/employment contracts, training agreements, payroll administration/data, statements regarding subsidies) are kept for 7 years after the end of employment.

If you no longer wish to be mediated, you can indicate this to your contact person at the branch or, if you use the 'My Active' portal, you can also indicate it there. You will then no longer be approached and mediated by Actief Werkt! .

personal data of business relations
(contact details of employees of clients, suppliers, sellers, references and any other organization with which we maintain a business relationship)

Actief Werkt! processes the personal data of data subjects who work for companies with which we do business (1) to make offers for and/or provide information about the services and other activities and (2) to maintain a business relationship and (3) to to conclude and maintain the contract.

We process, among other things, the following personal data of business relations:

  • names, contact details and positions of contacts.
    Actief Werkt! can pass on the personal data obtained from its business relations if this is necessary to realize the objectives of the business relation, or for the purpose of mediation. This data may be passed on to other Actief Werkt! entities, to job applicants or candidates, business partners and subcontractors (eg data processors) who provide services on its behalf, and in all other cases where Actief Werkt! may be required to do so, for example by a court order or judgment. Personal data may be passed on to parties outside Europe. Actief Werkt! chooses these parties carefully. In doing so, we ensure that a reasonable level of protection of personal data applies, comparable to the protection in Europe. Agreements are also made with these parties about appropriate security measures to properly protect the personal data.

What are your rights?

access and/or change personal data
If you use the portal “My Active”, you have access to a large part of the personal data registered about you. You can change a number of details at any time, such as making changes to your CV or your account details.

If you wish to view your total personal data processing and/or want to change or delete data that you cannot adjust yourself, please contact your contact person at Actief Werkt! . You also have a right to transfer your data and to have data deleted for which there is no legal obligation to keep it. You can invoke these rights in “My Active” / privacy.

If you do not have “My Active”, you can send a request to privacy@ . The aim is to respond within 4 weeks of receipt.

for other relations:
You have the right to inspect and change the personal data registered about you. You can contact your contact person at Actief Werkt! for this purpose.

Security of your personal data

Actief Werkt! makes every effort to optimally protect your personal data against unauthorized use. We do this on the basis of physical, administrative, organizational and technical measures. For example, only authorized employees have access to the data and the employees of Actief Werkt! , who have access to your personal data, have a duty of confidentiality. If personal data is provided to data processors who provide services or carry out assignments on behalf of Actief Werkt! , Actief Werkt! has agreed with them that they will also optimally protect the personal data.

Questions, comments, complaints or (suspected) data breach

If you have any questions, comments or complaints with regard to this privacy statement or the way in which Actief Werkt! registers, uses and processes your data, you can contact our Data Processing Officer, Mrs. E. Slepikas, via . . We aim to respond within four weeks of receiving your question, comment or complaint. You can also address a complaint directly to the Personal Data Authority.  

If there is a   (suspicion of) a data breach, we request that you report this immediately via privacy@ .


Actief Werkt! may make changes, additions or changes to this Privacy Statement. The most current Privacy statement can always be consulted on the website of Actief Werkt! .