Self-employed mediation

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Is your company looking for a self-employed person for a temporary assignment? Then you are in the right place at Actief ZZP! We are a certified self-employed mediation company in the technical industry. This means that we not only arrange one or more professionals for you, we can also take care of the administrative burden for you. This includes invoicing and drawing up contracts. If you are looking for a professional self-employed person, you will find the perfect candidate at Actief ZZP!

ZZP Mediation Quality Mark

Self-employed intermediaries who want to distinguish themselves in the market for self-employed mediation can certify themselves with the NBBU self-employed mediation quality mark. The NBBU is the trade organization for professional intermediaries in the labor market and represents the interests of more than 1,350 service providers in the temporary employment sector, such as employment agencies, self-employed intermediaries and other intermediaries.

What does the ZZP mediation quality mark mean?
There is often uncertainty about the role of self-employed intermediaries, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings. The quality mark offers clients and self-employed people the certainty that the Actief Werkt! mediation model is well organized and transparent. The organization scores well on the following points, among others:

  • Compliance with the agreed payment term for self-employed persons;
  • Careful procedures for creating and maintaining self-employed files;
  • A transparent service of agreements between client and self-employed person; 
  • The use of approved model agreements between self-employed persons and clients.

Customer portal

As a client you can use our customer portal . This gives you the option of digital time processing and approval by various contact persons. You also have insight into invoicing here and you can digitally sign and archive all agreements with self-employed people. In short, a clear working method to keep your files in order.

Self-employed wanted

Do you have specific assignments within your company for which a self-employed person is needed? Then you can place a ZZP assignment online at Actief ZZP! We would be happy to discuss with you which flex worker you are looking for. We mainly mediate self-employed people in the metal, installation technology, construction, infrastructure, marine & offshore, landscaping or as a painter.

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