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If you are looking for a job in construction, infrastructure and technology, Actief Werkt! Techniek is the right place for you. We have various vacancies with which we help you find a job with the best clients in technology. We have the most beautiful projects and the best jobs that matter. For example, you can participate in the energy transition on- and offshore. We work with sector specialisms, we know what is going on with the skilled worker and the client. As a result, we can not only find highly targeted work for you, but also work together on your employability within your field as a professional or professional woman. We believe that if we develop you by providing training, education or retraining programs, we will work together on sustainable employability and your job satisfaction. Click on your industry for more information or just give us a call!

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A flexible layer of temporary workers is important to be able to grow and to respond quickly to changing market developments. Only deploy people when you really need them.We take care of everything, from recruitment to administrative processing. And you do not bear any risk.


The importance of training and retraining personnel has only increased in recent years. The labor market is not standing still. It is a smart move to ensure that your workforce is future-proof. We continuously invest in training flexible colleagues.


Do you need extra staff for a longer period of time or for a specific project? Then secondment is a good solution. This offers you more security than broadcasting. With secondment you opt for more bonding with the flexworker, because he or she will be working for you for a longer period of time.


Do you have specific assignments within your company for which a freelancer is being sought? Then you can place a ZZP assignment online at Actief ZZP! We mediate freelancers in metal, installation technology, construction, infrastructure, marine & offshore, landscaping or as a painter.

Actief Werkt! Technology puts Niels Hoogslagen in the spotlight

25 May 2022

Actief Werkt! Technique puts Niels Hoogslagen, 21, in the spotlight. Niels has quit his permanent job as a welder to start working for clients via Actief Werkt! Techniek.

Meet Thomas Erdman

17 May 2022

Thomas has been committed to Actief Werkt! Technology for years. In 5 years he made great strides from junior project manager to branch manager.

Exclusive collaboration with Verwater Industrial Services

7 February 2022

Verwater Industrial Services North East and Actief Techniek work together exclusively for production expansion and large-scale maintenance of Teijin.