Working safely at your employer

Safety rules ensure that we can work safely. These rules apply to all employees in a company. Especially in industry, many regulations apply for a safe and healthy workplace.

Make sure you know the rules and how to avoid dangerous situations. This is not only for your own safety, but also that of others and for the company where you work.


We give you these tips because Actief Werkt! is convinced that prevention is better than cure.

Your safety always comes first! If you are at work and you see something happening that is not in accordance with the safety rules, be alert. Report unsafe actions/situations, (near) accidents immediately to your manager and to Actief Werkt! . You can also report this to our quality manager at

Healthy at work

Of course you want to avoid getting sick. And we want that too! If you have health problems that may be related to your work, you can request a working conditions consultation (preventive consultation) from the health and safety service.

If you have been employed by Actief Werkt! for at least four years, it is possible to request a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). During this investigation, we look at the health risks of your work and how we can limit those risks. Naturally, it has been agreed with the health and safety service that your privacy will always be respected. Are you interested in such a consultation or research? Indicate it to your contact person at Actief Werkt! .

Reporting accidents, incidents, damage and unsafe situations

All accidents, incidents, damage and unsafe situations must always be reported. In this way we can prevent repetition and we can provide the right care to the flex colleagues involved. How do I report such a thing?

  • Immediately report the accident, incident, damage or unsafe situation to your manager and your contact person at Actief Werkt! ;
  • Do not move or remove anything that would assist in the investigation of the accident, incident, damage or unsafe situation;
  • You can also preventively report near-accidents or unsafe situations via . The quality will then process your report.