Working as a self-employed person


Why Actief Werkt! is the right choice for you as a self-employed person

Independent entrepreneurship, but less risks and administration.

Working in technology as a self-employed person is wonderful. You can choose which work you take on, you have many different clients and you determine your own rate. No matter how annoying it is to do your administration and acquire new orders yourself, you obviously don't want to give up that independence. And you don't have to if you get started via Actief Werkt! : you can fully focus on your craft and don't have to worry about peripheral matters - no matter how important.

Actief Werkt! as mediator

We work together with large organizations such as Stork, Verwater, SPIE and TBI. Companies with many interesting assignments, where it is not easy for a self-employed person to enter as a subcontractor. Unless Actief Werkt! mediates for you: we have framework agreements with the largest technical players in Nederland , so we regularly receive great work. Are you taking on an assignment? Then you work directly for the client, we will not interfere with that. We work according to a mediation model . For you this means: complete independence. You work directly with your client and determine your own rate – you are self-employed for a reason!


Key benefits of Actief Werkt!

  • Paid out quickly
    Client agrees with your order form? We will then pay your invoice within two weeks.
  • Complete independence
    From your rate to the assignments you accept: you decide everything yourself.
  • Less administration
    Our handy tools and solutions save you a lot of administration. 
  • Clear and expert advice
    Self-employed people sometimes also need help or advice. Don't worry, we are here for you! 
  • Personal mediation
    You always have direct and personal contact with the same contact person.


Safe harbor for your company:

on financial…

Inflation, the licensing system and disappointing results: there is a lot of uncertainty in the market for various reasons. Organizations are having a hard time, and some are even at risk of collapse. This is also a risk for self-employed people. Because what if your client suddenly can no longer pay your invoice?

You are safe at Actief Werkt! , even now. Not only because we are a financially healthy organization that employs 6,000 people every day. But also because we only do business with healthy and creditworthy clients. This is how you limit your debtor risk. This way you can be sure that your hard work will pay off.

…and in the legal field

There has also been a lot of unrest in politics lately surrounding self-employed entrepreneurs. New laws follow each other at a rapid pace, and you just have to stay informed about everything. Actief Werkt! is certified as a self-employed mediator by the Dutch Association for Mediation and Employment Organizations (NBBU). We are also affiliated with national sounding board groups for the position of self-employed people.

Big words, but in practice this means: we take self-employment very seriously and are committed to helping you. That is why we keep you informed of the most important developments, give you useful advice and try to influence legislation in your favor where possible.


Clear costs

If you join Actief Werkt! , you will never have to deal with shady margins and hidden costs. With us you only pay administration costs: € 25 per year. Nothing more, nothing less. What clients pay us for your assignment can always be found in the model agreement – ​​we are also transparent about this. And the fee of Actief Werkt! is never at the expense of your rate: you determine your price yourself!


ZZP Mediation Quality Mark

Self-employed intermediaries who want to distinguish themselves in the market for self-employed mediation can certify themselves with the NBBU self-employed mediation quality mark. The NBBU is the trade organization for professional intermediaries in the labor market and represents the interests of more than 1,350 service providers in the temporary employment sector, such as employment agencies, self-employed intermediaries and other intermediaries.

What does the ZZP mediation quality mark mean?
There is often uncertainty about the role of self-employed intermediaries, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings. The quality mark offers clients and self-employed persons the certainty that Actief Werkt! 's mediation model is well organized and transparent. The organization scores well on the following points, among others:

  • Compliance with the agreed payment term for self-employed persons;
  • Careful procedures for creating and maintaining self-employed files;
  • A transparent service of agreements between client and self-employed person; 
  • The use of approved model agreements between self-employed persons and clients.


Ready for a new assignment?

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Interesting especially for self-employed people!

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