Working in the Infrastructure or Green sector

After the internship period of the Assistent Infra - Green course, we will guide you to a suitable job and you will be offered a contract with Actief. We have a large network of interesting companies in both sectors and that is why there are many opportunities for you to work at a company that suits you. Or do you have a taste for it after the training? And would you like to continue learning? That is of course also possible. We also offer the possibility to let you flow into a suitable BBL trajectory .

Activities position Assistant Infra

Infra assistant is a versatile profession; you are constantly active in various places and you always work with different people. For example, you work on the construction, renovation and maintenance of water, gas and electricity pipes. Or you are involved in the construction and maintenance of infrastructural works. The infrastructure work is carried out in ground, road and hydraulic engineering (GWW). This often involves various road and hydraulic engineering structures, pavements, bank structures and sewer structures. Required ground work includes digging trenches and finishing verges. As an Infrastructure Assistant you work on a construction site, but you can also be active in road construction or near water, both inside and outside built-up areas. You mainly work outside. As an assistant you can work well together, follow directions and you pay attention to safety and the environment.

Activities position Assistant Green

The activities of an Assistant Green are very diverse; You assist the craftsman with maintenance and construction work in private gardens, mechanically shearing hedges, mowing work, pruning trees from an aerial platform, controlling weeds in public gardens and parks, planting plants, etc. As a Green Assistant you are continuously working in different places. You always work with different people and you carry out work under supervision. Sometimes you work together with your manager. As an Assistant Green you can work well together, follow directions and you pay attention to safety and the environment.

After you have completed the Green Assistant training, you will perform assisting activities in landscaping. You can get started at   horticultural or landscaping company, a municipal public gardening service or another government institution (such as a water board)   and possible positions are:

✓  Assistant gardener
✓  Employee green provider
✓  Earthworker or Opperman



Contact our colleagues in your area to discuss training options!