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Would you love to work as a gardener, tree caretaker or road worker? View the vacancies in landscaping at Actief Techniek . We prefer to arrange a job for a longer period of time at one company. You can also contact us for an internship, training or education. Have you looked at our vacancies in landscaping and is there nothing for you? Then you can always send us an open application. As soon as there is a suitable vacancy for you, we will contact you

Landscaping jobs landscape gardener

Do you know everything about creating and maintaining gardens? Then you are the right person to respond to our vacancies in landscaping as a landscape gardener. You will get started with pruning and trimming shrubs and trees and other maintenance of private gardens. You can also express your creative side in this job, for example when designing and laying out gardens. Have you become enthusiastic? View our vacancies in landscaping as a landscape gardener. We look at what you can do and which company is a good fit.

Weed killer landscaping jobs

Do you like a varied job and do you like to be outside? Then take a look at our vacancies in landscaping as a weed killer. There are several ways you can control weeds, depending on the company you work for. There are companies that use hot water or special burners, but also functions where you work with a brush cutter. More information can be found in the description of our vacancies in landscaping as weed killers.

Are you looking for something different? At   Actief Techniek you will also find vacancies   in the:

Jobs landscaping arborist

Do your friends always say you can climb the tree? Then it is high time to respond to our vacancies in landscaping as an arborist. You will be planting and transplanting trees, pruning, felling and harvesting. The job is varied, because you work with your hands but also use garden machines. You also check the health of trees. Are you interested in vacancies in landscaping as an arborist and do you want to retrain? Then do a green   training at Actief Techniek   and increase your chances of a nice job. We also offer you training courses, including on location at   our branches .

Landscaping employee vacancies

Do you think it is wonderful to make a garden or business park look as neat as possible? Then you've come to the right place! As a landscaping employee, you are involved in   and maintaining greenery in residential areas. Think of public gardens, parks, lawns, roadsides and natural areas. You carry out work such as removing weeds and pruning trees and shrubs. You also perform mowing work with a ride-on or brushcutter. Enthusiastic? Then respond to our vacancies in landscaping as a landscaping employee!

freelance assignments

Actief Techniek is not only an employment agency, but also a trainer and a company in   ZZP mediation . Are you a self-employed person or is a   wanted   at your company? Please feel free to contact us or view our   freelance assignments . We arrange everything for you, from   ZZP assignments   to invoices and payment to administration. This allows you to fully focus on your work.