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Are you trained as an installation engineer or electrical engineer and are you looking for work? Then view the vacancies in installation technology at Actief Techniek . You can end up in various sectors, such as residential construction, non-residential construction and industry . Have you been looking for great vacancies in installation technology, but there is nothing for you at the moment? Send us an open application. As soon as a suitable job comes along, we will contact you

Electrical engineer job openings

Do you work well under stress? Then respond to our vacancies in installation technology as an electrician. You will work on the construction, maintenance and expansion of electrical installations. It is important that you work accurately and that you can switch quickly. In addition to vacancies in installation technology as an electrician, you will also find other   vacancies at Actief Techniek , such as:

Plumbing Plumbing Jobs

Do you enjoy the construction of new mechanical installations and do you like to make adjustments to existing installations? Then working as a plumber at Actief Techniek is really something for you! In this position you will work with the installation of sanitary facilities or the expansion of mechanical installations. In this job it is important that you are flexible and solution-oriented.

Do you have no experience as a plumber or do you want to retrain? Then you can also follow a   training at Actief Techniek   . Feel free to contact us for more information about our training courses or the vacancies in installation technology as a plumber.

Jobs installation technology service technician

Electrical and installation no longer hold any secrets for you. Is this correct? Then the vacancies in installation technology as a service technician are for you. You are going to solve blockages, leaks and   electrotechnical malfunctions . It is a varied and challenging job with a lot of personal responsibility. Are you interested in our vacancies in installation technology as a service technician? Then visit one of our   locations .

Vacancies E professionals

Are you higher educated in electrical installations? Then view the vacancies for E   professionals   at Actief Techniek . We are looking for professionals who can combine technical knowledge with organizational and commercial qualities. You can work with us in a project-oriented manner or at one company for a longer period of time. We also offer   education and training, so that you can continue to develop in your career. Respond to our vacancies for E professionals   and you will soon have a challenging job!

Assignments installation technology ZZP

You are also welcome at Actief Techniek as a freelancer. In addition to vacancies in installation technology, we also   assignments . And that is not all! Because we are a company that   ZZP mediation   , we also arrange the invoices and fast payment for you. Respond to the   ZZP assignments   in installation technology and you will have an assignment quickly! Are you looking for a   at your own company? Even then you can make use of our wide network of different professionals