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You like heavy work in industry, construction and pipeline construction. Welding, fitting, tinkering or construction? You don't care about it. At Actief Techniek you will find various vacancies in the metal industry. Apply and you may soon have a challenging job as a maintenance engineer, welder or fitter. Is your position not among our vacancies in the metal sector? Then you can also apply openly. We receive new assignments every day and as soon as we have something for you, we will contact you.

Jobs metal technology

Are you someone who forges the iron when it is hot? Then grab your chance and respond to our vacancies in metal technology. You get to work with processing, cutting and welding different metals. Do you want to expand your knowledge in this area? In addition to responding to vacancies in metal technology, you can also follow a training course or   training at Actief Techniek   . Our goal is that you will soon have a nice long-term job with one of our clients, so that you enjoy going to work every day!  

Assignments freelance metal

At Actief Techniek you will also find freelance jobs in the metal sector in addition to normal vacancies. Een big advantage of our   ZZP mediation   is that we arrange the paperwork for you. You will receive the   ZZP assignment through us, we will prepare your invoices and ensure fast payment. Respond to the   ZZP assignments   in the metal and you can leave all the hassle to us. Do you have your own company and is a   looking for temporary jobs? Even then we are ready for you at Actief Techniek with professionals.

Jobs metal pipe fitter

Does measuring, adjusting and installing piping no longer hold any secrets for you? Then apply for our vacancies in the metal industry as a pipe fitter. You will work with different pipes and diameters, in various materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Monel for industrial locations. In addition to independently reading isometric drawings, this requires technical insight and an eye for safety. In addition to vacancies in the metal industry as a pipe fitter, you will find Actief Techniek 6231f92864b0b at     in:

Jobs metal maintenance technician

As a maintenance engineer you can perform mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic repairs and maintenance at industrial locations and workshops. You can also quickly locate, analyze, remedy and prevent malfunctions. Are you technically skilled and do you like to think in solutions instead of problems? With the various vacancies in metal as a maintenance engineer, there is bound to be something for you. Do you want to know more about the position? Feel free to visit one of our   locations .

Vacancies WTB professionals

In the industry   6231f92864b0b professionals   jobs for higher educated   professionals. For example, you can get started as a   , work   or project leader. Such a job does not only involve technical knowledge, the work often also has organizational and commercial aspects. Are you a professional in the WTB? Then view our vacancies for   professionals in this field. You can also apply openly with   . We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable position for you.