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The best cleaning jobs

At Actief Werkt you will find various cleaning vacancies. We help you discover which cleaning work suits you best. You can work at various workplaces. In addition, different specializations are possible in cleaning work. Think, for example, of deep cleaning, mechanical sweeping and floor maintenance.

Cleaning offices

Cleaning work is indispensable in offices. Een office space is the business card of a company and that is why it is important that the space remains clean.   In addition, a clean workplace increases productivity and has a positive effect on the mood and health of employees.  

If you clean offices during the day, you will also make nice social contacts at the same time. You can also clean offices in the evenings or on weekends. All options are therefore open in our cleaning vacancies.

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cleaning trains

Cleaning trains is very different from cleaning the office. Time plays a crucial role in this.   Especially with delayed trains, you must be able to switch quickly to make this train shine together with your colleagues in no time.   You don't shy away from fallen cups, full trash cans and papers on the train.  

As a cleaner, you ensure cleaner trains and a pleasant atmosphere on board. Cleaning of trains is done at more than 30 locations in Nederland .   Discover the cleaning vacancies in your area.

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Cleaning in hospitals and healthcare

Curious about what cleaning in healthcare entails? You are the protagonist when it comes to hygiene. At Actief Werkt! we always have various vacancies for cleaning in healthcare, such as vacancies at a healthcare institution, but also cleaning in hospitals.   Special cleaning is especially necessary in the hospital. It is essential that intensive care units and operating rooms are free of dirt and bacteria.   In addition, cleaning in healthcare goes further than ensuring hygiene and compliance with regulations. Hospitality is just as important.   As a cleaner you come into contact with patients. This makes the vacancies for cleaning hospitals even more attractive and popular.

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Window cleaner jobs

Are you looking for freedom and also a little excitement? Then window cleaner is a great profession for you. You work indoors and outdoors, at different locations. You work on aerial platforms, permanent hanging ladders and ladders.   So you should not be afraid of heights. Window cleaning is part of the specialist cleaning work. For the real guts, we have cleaning vacancies in which you can literally work yourself up.

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In cleaning it is important that you work accurately and that nothing is overlooked. You are physically fit and you work result - oriented

A degree is not important. We are happy to teach you the tricks of the cleaning profession, such as:

  • How do you deal with certain materials?
  • How do you make sure your back doesn't hurt?
  • What different cleaning products are there?
  • Which places should you definitely not forget while cleaning?

Are you interested and would you like to be kept informed about our cleaning vacancies? Then register with us for our vacancy alert and we will contact you if we have a cleaning vacancy for you!