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Continental Bakeries: the best jobs

With us you will find the best vacancies from Continental Bakeries. This is a European bakery group, specializing in the production of biscuits, bread substitutes and toast. Every day you contribute to the creation of good and delicious products for every moment of the day!

This is what we offer you

Working at Continental Bakeries offers you many advantages. This is what we have to offer you:  

✔️ Een physical job, where you are in motion a lot
✔️ Een flexible job with plenty of career opportunities
✔️ Good salary and shift allowances
✔️ Lots of colleagues = lots of fun
✔️ Great smelling work environment (freshly baked cookies, who doesn't love them ;-))
✔️ Different workplaces, which means there is a lot of diversity

What people say about working at Continental Bakeries

There are always nice jobs available at Continental Bakeries. For example, we often look for employees for the locations Dordrecht and Rucphen . Examples of Contental Bakeries vacancies and positions are packer and production employee.

The culture within the organization is result-oriented, informal and open with a no-nonsense mentality. You will join a well-oiled team where everyone can feel at home. But who better to tell you about working at Continental Bakeries than the experience expert himself?


I go to work with great pleasure. Because of the diversity of colleagues and the conviviality I experience in the workplace, this employer feels like a 'warm bath' for me. My team manager, Fred, is also a top performer. He is very friendly and helps me where necessary. I recommend everyone to come and work here. It is an organization with a pleasant working atmosphere and where you work with colleagues who are always helpful. In addition, it also earns much better than at other factories!

In-house location of Actief Werkt

We think it is important that everyone feels at home. You will receive an introduction before you start your new job. This way you know exactly what to expect on the first working day. Your contacts from Actief Werkt are present in the factory every day. You can always contact us.

Production employee vacancies Continental Bakeries

In the role of production employee at Continental Bakeries you have experience with packing, repacking and sticker work. You also enjoy working with and operating machines. Together with your colleagues, you are responsible for the packaging of biscuits, taking into account the quality requirements.

Get started as an operator

As an Operator you ensure that the machines work properly and you supervise the correct processing of the products. You want to be sure of good quality and therefore carry out checks by means of samples. Is there something wrong? Then you intervene immediately. You can solve minor malfunctions yourself, so that production does not come to a standstill. You can solve larger malfunctions together with your colleagues from the technical service.


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