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Hartog & Bikker Logistics: the best vacancies

H&B is regularly looking for packing employees, forklift drivers, shuttle drivers and administrative-logistics employees at the various locations. The vacancies differ per location. Curious about interesting vacancies? Then contact us!

✔️ Top 10 player in Dutch logistics;

✔️ Pleasant and informal working environment ;  

✔️ Flexible working hours;

✔️   Salary and allowances in accordance with TNL collective labor agreement;

✔️ Follow a driver training free of charge.


Working at Hartog & Bikker Logistics

Who is not familiar with Hartog and Bikker's bright blue trucks? Every day, about 160 trucks drive around on the roads in the Benelux, Germany and France.   Hartog & Bikker started transporting packaging glass in 1931. In 1997, the family business was taken over by the Meeus Group and has since grown into a top 10 player in Dutch logistics. Glass, cans, cardboard, pallets and other products are transported daily to major customers, including Nederland 's largest brewery.  

In 2000, the Meeus group added a second label: Hartog and Bikker Logistics. This involves processing large volumes and the associated logistics process. There is a large storage facility in Den Bosch for all customers. More than 2 million pallet operations are carried out every year. Copack and repack activities are also carried out.

Job types at Hartog & Bikker

Hartog & Bikker always has a vacancy open, both full-time and part-time. We are happy to help you discover what suits you: do you prefer to work in the car or at a fixed location in the factory? For example, consider a job such as:

  • Production worker
  • Forklift driver
  • shuttle driver
  • Logistics employee
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