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Municipality Vlissingen : the best vacancies

Through us you will find the best vacancies at the municipality Vlissingen , often in collaboration with the municipality Middelburg . With your job at the municipality Vlissingen you are committed to society. And that makes for a lot of happy residents!

✔️ Your commitment to society;

✔️ Good working conditions;

✔️ Flexible working hours;

✔️ Ample development opportunities;

✔️ Free driver training.

Working at municipality Vlissingen

Working at the municipality Vlissingen means working in an inspiring workplace together with 300 colleagues. The town hall is a beautiful open building with a covered square with a foreign appearance. The sea, the beach and the boulevards are within walking distance. The municipality of Vlisisngen is like the city itself: no-nonsense, direct, open and colorful.  

When you work for the municipality, you immediately add something to society. People of all ages, all levels and from diverse backgrounds work within the municipality of Vlissingen . This allows you to learn from many different people and develop yourself.  Within the municipality there is plenty of room for your own input.

Type of jobs at municipality Vlissingen

To keep Vlissingen clean and liveable, the municipality of Vlisingen collects waste. Would you like to work outdoors? Get started in the waste and recycling department. But of course we also have various vacancies at the office. We are happy to help you with your search for the perfect job.

  • Garbage loader
  • Driver
  • office job
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