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Saxion University of Applied Sciences: the best invigilators vacancies

Through us you will find the best vacancies at Saxion; a university of applied sciences for higher professional education at 3 different locations. Saxion offers a wide range of courses and special specializations and specializations. With your job at Saxion you contribute to a smart world.  

  ✔️ Working at an inspiring university of applied sciences;

✔️ Part of a close-knit invigilator team;

  ✔️ Good salary in accordance with HBO collective labor agreement and year-end bonus of 8.3%;

✔️ Flexible job based on your availability;

✔️ Easy to reach by public transport.

Working at Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Do you want to work at a university of applied sciences that strives for a smart world? It is an excellent and inspiring working environment. Saxion offers education to more than 26,000 students in Apeldoorn , Deventer and Enschede .

Students are prepared for their future role in the dynamic society. They are being groomed for   'a Smart World'. This requires enthusiastic employees who are committed to a changed world in which a culture of continuous improvement is central

Job types at Saxion

Saxion is looking for various invigilators who have an affinity with working with students. An exam is an important moment for a student. All students must adhere to the procedures.   As an invigilator you are responsible for a proper and fair course of the exam, while the procedures are enforced. You mainly work during the exam periods.

Within Saxion, various tests are taken, such as written tests, digital tests, or tests in other languages, such as English and German. For this reason we have vacancies for various types of invigilators.  

  • invigilator
  • Digital Invigilator
  • E-invigilator
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