Take care of each other

Take care of each other

Health and feeling fit is important for everyone. It contributes to the quality of life. That is why we pay a lot of attention to this.

Attention to working safely
Together with our clients, we do everything we can to ensure that employees can work safely and healthily. Before you start working, you will be informed about the working conditions so that you know how to minimize risks. Click here ( ) for safety tips and everything about personal protective equipment and accident reporting.


absenteeism counseling
Together with clients, we do everything we can to ensure that you can do your work safely and responsibly. We hope, just like you, that it doesn't happen, but if you do become ill, we will look together with you to see what you need to get better quickly. We look at what you can still do, for example you can temporarily do other work.


Preventive consultation hours company doctor
Of course you want to avoid getting sick. And we want that too! If you have health problems that may be related to your work, this may be a reason to make use of a (preventive) consultation with a company doctor.

If you have been employed by Actief Werkt! for at least four years, it is possible to request a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). During this investigation, we look at the health risks of your work and how we can limit those risks. Naturally, it has been agreed with the health and safety service that your privacy will always be respected. Are you interested in such a consultation or research? Indicate it to your contact person at Actief Werkt! .


Actief Werkt! believes it is important that employees feel comfortable in the working environment and can work in a socially safe environment regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. If you do not feel safe or treated with integrity, you can contact our confidential adviser. Click here for more information.