Good for each other

Good for   each other  

Mortgage & Perspective Statement
At Actief Werkt! it is now also possible to get a mortgage with a flexible contract. The Perspective Statement looks at your future opportunities in the labor market. The condition is that you have worked with us for at least 1 year.


Discount on Health Insurance
The expectation is that health care premiums will continue to rise in the coming years, in addition, more and more occasional collectives will disappear, such as health insurance through the sports association.   It can therefore be interesting to use collective health insurance from the employer. From Actief Werkt! we offer two collective health insurance policies. From 1 January 2019 we work together with VGZ and CZ.  


Of course you mainly work to earn money directly, but we also think about your future. We have a good pension scheme. Your exact rights and obligations depend on how long you work for Actief Werkt! When you start working for a client via Actief Werkt! , you start in phase A. After 26 weeks of work in phase A, you will participate in the pension scheme.


My Active
My Active is your personal page where all information regarding your employment can be viewed. You can go here for, among other things, your pay slips and annual statements. Here you will find your accrued reservation credits and digitally signed contracts. You can also change your personal information yourself. This way we always have the most recent data at hand!