Grow together

Grow together

Personal development is important, it offers new opportunities   and ensures that you can continue to work. But also that you can do work that you like and that gives you energy.

Ambition conversation
We would be happy to discuss your dreams in the field of work with you. Together we look at what the wishes and possibilities are and how we can give substance to your ambition. This can be done, for example, by following a course or working in another position. Or maybe you want to work more or fewer hours so that you can better combine work and care. We would be happy to discuss this with you.


Work Profile Test
Everyone is welcome, each person is unique. And because everyone is different, one person functions better in a place than someone else. There are clear differences in which work environment people prefer to work in and what their wishes are in terms of work. Actief Werkt! to these wishes, so that people can better come into their own and are and remain permanently employable. With the results of the Work Profile Test, we are even better able to find the right vacancy for you. Working in a suitable position and working environment brings out the best in you!


The labor market is constantly changing. Jobs will disappear due to robotics. Continuing to develop yourself and gain new knowledge is therefore indispensable. Actief Werkt! offers many different courses. The most common are driver training, VCA diplomas, forklift and reach truck certificates. But if you'd rather take a German course, that's also possible! We are happy to think along with you about how you can achieve your ambitions.  


Application tips
You scour various websites, looking for fun and suitable vacancies. Once you have found an interesting vacancy, you cannot avoid it. You must write a cover letter and prepare a CV. But how do you ensure that you stand out so that you are soon invited for a job interview? We, as an employment agency, are happy to give you tips when applying for a job.   Click below     for more information.

More application tips