Work for refugees

Help build a dignified existence!

People who leave home and hearth because of the war in Ukraine will reach the next phase at a certain point. As an employment agency, we see that self-reliance and job opportunities are extremely important. Gain this insight first-hand, thanks to a special team that is ready to provide these people with the right information and mediation in work.


Successful mediation

We already help more than 500 people with a refugee background to work every day. Our flex colleagues are working at Royal FloraHolland, Hartog & Bikker, Scholle IPN and Continental Bakeries, among others. But, there is much more need / demand for work! For this we would like to get in touch with employers who can use extra manpower on the work floor.


What can you expect from Actief Werkt! ?

  • Correct papers of the flex workers who are going to work.
  • Dedicated Actief Werkt! team of Dutch and Ukrainian speaking employment specialists.
  • We unburden 100% for non-English speaking flex workers and you can use us as an interpreter. For example during the training period.
  • Training, including for command of the Dutch and/or English language, for the flex workers who come to work for you.
  • We translate specific documents, work instructions and training materials for you into the mother tongue of the flex workers.
  • Together with you, we offer a fair and competitive salary to our flex workers.


Who preceded you

I am very satisfied with the group of Ukrainian flexible colleagues. What is particularly striking is the healthy work attitude of this group, always neatly present and eager to work. I think it's good that Actief employs people who speak the language and can therefore guide these colleagues. The atmosphere in the group is very good, I see smiling faces on the work floor every day.
Royal FloraHolland

We are very happy with them, they are very hard workers and super neat people. The only thing we regret is that we cannot communicate well with them. Not necessarily about work, but we would like to know how they are doing so we can have a nice chat. They go through pretty intense things and want to know how they feel. We think it is important that, in addition to working hard, we also have pleasant contact with these people and this is part of that.
Scholle IPN

We experience working with Ukrainian flex colleagues as positive. They have a positive attitude, are eager to learn and take every opportunity to develop. At the moment they are all following the Dutch language course via Actief Werkt , which ensures more bonding between them and colleagues. They are very grateful to be able to work here.
Continental Bakeries



Please contact your regular Actief Werkt! contact person if you are interested in discussing the filling of jobs by Ukrainian refugees with us. Or contact our project manager Aliya Shakirova directly via e-mail or telephone +316 514 393 66.