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Do you have architectural insight? Or are you interested in construction and do you like to work independently as well as in a team? Then a Construction training or course is really something for you! We offer various training options within the Construction sector. You can expand your options by following a training or course or have yourself completely retrained. This allows you to grow in your position or start a new challenge!  


✓ Your tuition is paid by us

✓ We arrange work clothes and tools for you

✓ Any travel costs will be reimbursed

Construction training offer

Do you prefer to combine learning with work? Then a BBL training is suitable for you! You go to school one day a week for theory and the other days you work (paid) at a recognized training company.   So you gain all the practical experience in the company where you work. Below you will find our BBL training offer within Construction:

Education: BBL Carpenter

Would you like to learn the carpentry trade so that you can eventually build your own home completely independently? We are happy to help build your future together!

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We are working hard to expand our training offer! In addition to the above courses, there are certainly more opportunities to follow courses and courses in the sectors in which we offer work. Do you want to know which options are available for you? Then contact us