Actief in society

Actief Werkt! offers daily work to more than 6000 flex workers. With every mediation, we critically examine whether we are deploying the right person in the right place. Whether someone can work healthy and happy. can be safe. is challenged for a long time. We translate this into the sustainable deployment of flex workers. Sustainable employability is the foundation of our strategy.

A labor market where everyone matters . That is our vision of work. In this way we contribute to a sustainable labor market . For everyone who can and wants to work. Experienced or inexperienced. Skilled or unskilled. We don't exclude anyone, there is enough space after all.

Actief Werkt! endorses the goals ( Sustainable Development Goals , SDGs) of the United Nations and actively contributes to the realization of a number of goals that fit in well with our business operations. In this way we provide insight into our social impact.


Our SDGs

From 2021 Actief Werkt! has linked its strategy to SDGs 4, 8 and 10. Within these goals, we make the greatest impact as an employment agency. Together with countless other companies and countries, we contribute to a more sustainable world in 2030.

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4. Quality education

We speak to all our flex workers personally, so we find out individual training and development opportunities. Within this SDG, we look at the number of trained flex workers, making a diversity of training available and facilitating it. These numbers make us the largest temporary employment trainer of Nederland !

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8. Decent work & economic growth

As a commercial organization, we see it as our obligation to contribute to a thriving economy with good work. In this changing labor market, we carefully select our clients, so that we know that we can always offer our flex workers good work for a fair wage. Certifications and audits confirm this!

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10. Reduce inequality

As an employment agency, we deal with more than 6,000 different working flex workers on a daily basis. Everyone is equal to us. That is why we do not discriminate in our recruitment, selection or treatment of flex workers we help people with a disadvantage in the labor market to find a job . We demonstrate this, among other things, by reaching the 3rd rung on the TNO PSO ladder! Naturally, we always come out positive from anti-discrimination investigations by the ABU.

Our promises

Perspective Statement

We think it is important that there are equal opportunities when buying a house. Therefore, Actief Werkt! a perspective statement!

NPS Score

We are ready for our flex workers! With an average NPS score of +35, we know that flex workers like to work for us

an extra step

Sometimes just a little extra help is needed. We offer our flex workers coaching, personal guidance and debt assistance


As the largest temporary employment trainer, we consider training very important. During 'The Actief Conversation' we find out your ambitions and development possibilities together

Sustainable employability

With sustainable employability as our foundation, we train sustainable employability specialists internally

Good partners

We like to do it right right away and that's why we work together with partners such as TSH and DOORZAM

Achieved status

We like to deliver what we promise. That is why we continuously evaluate how we are doing in our contribution to a labor market where everyone matters.

PSO Nederland

We recently reached Step 3 on the Performance Ladder for Social Entrepreneurship (PSO) and we are proud of that! The PSO is TNO's scientifically based quality mark that objectively measures and makes visible the degree of social entrepreneurship. The independent assessment by a certifying institution shows that Actief Werkt! offers good quality employment to people with a distance to the labor market.


Because, in addition to the importance of the flex worker, we also have an eye for the environment and sustainable purchasing, we have ourselves certified by EcoVadis annually. Ecovadis operates a collaborative platform that allows companies to evaluate the sustainability performance of their suppliers. Actief Werkt! has been assessed in the areas: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and sustainable procurement. Last year this already resulted in a silver scorecard and we managed to achieve this result for 2023 as well!


We regularly test our sustainability policy personally. Because high scores are nice, but what matters to us is the experience of the people we work with. Flexkracht Frans puts his experience with us in his own words. Watch his story below!