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Tidy Works! better

1 July 2024

One of the most common causes of an accident in the workplace is falls and tripping. This is partly because workplaces are not cleaned up properly. How do you ensure that your workplace is clean and tidy? We have collected tips for you!

Actief Werkt! on SBS6 at Doe Maar Duurzaam

19 June 2024

At Actief Werkt! we are proud to share that we will soon be featured in the TV program 'Doe maar Duurzaam' on SBS6! In this special broadcast we bring the theme of sustainable employability to life through our inspiring training program

Actief Werkt! once again receives the ZZP mediation quality mark

4 June 2024

Actief Werkt! has once again successfully completed the inspection for the quality mark and can proudly wear this quality mark. The quality mark offers clients and self-employed persons the certainty that the Actief Werkt! mediation model is well org

Een unforgettable weekend in Alicante with Actief Werkt!

3 June 2024

At Actief Werkt! we believe that hard work and fun go hand in hand. That's why we celebrated our joint success of 2023 with a weekend away. This year our destination was Alicante, and it was an experience we will never forget!

The collective labor agreement

17 April 2024

Every employer has a 'collective agreement'. But what is that actually? And how important is a collective labor agreement?

Business driving: what do you do with your diesel?

15 April 2024

From 1-1-25, the BPM exemption on vans will expire and more ZE zones will be added. What is smart depends on your situation.

Recruitment insights for employers | Download the white paper

2 April 2024

Are you curious about what motivates the doers in Nederland ? In a whitepaper we share the latest market insights about your industry and target group.

Advantages of the self-employed mediation model

1 April 2024

If you work with Actief Werkt! , you give up 0 percent of your independence. This is due to our transparent mediation model. These are the benefits!

Smart administration tools for self-employed people

1 April 2024

The biggest disadvantage for self-employed people? Have to do your own administration. Actief Werkt! has solutions for this: Mijn Actief and self-billing. This is how they work!

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