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Working in the cold

30 December 2022

It's the middle of winter and that means working in the cold, brrrr! Not only can it be cold outside, but also in unheated sheds or cold stores...

7 tips to prevent a winter dip!

21 November 2022

The winter! Hot chocolate and all kinds of holidays take place in winter, but it is also a season of cold and dark days. And for some people the winter dip hits. That's why here are 7 tips to prevent the winter dip.

EU Directive Implementation Act

2 August 2022

On August 1, 2022, the law 'Implementation of the EU Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions' came into force. Read here the four most important changes for employees.

Tidy Works! Better

4 July 2022

Wherever your workplace is; in the office, a construction site, or when you are working at home, a tidy and clean workplace is beneficial to your health and safety. How do you keep your workplace clean and tidy? We have collected tips

The coolest garbage woman is Joy

16 June 2022

Joy doesn't care that there are mainly men behind a garbage truck. 23-year-old Joy Vuuren is a hardworking garbage woman at Cycle.

Jawad takes his chance as a driver.

13 June 2022

Jawad works as a truck driver. He found his new challenge via Actief Werkt! . You can read his story here.

Actief Werkt! Technology puts Niels Hoogslagen in the spotlight

25 May 2022

Actief Werkt! Technique puts Niels Hoogslagen, 21, in the spotlight. Niels has quit his permanent job as a welder to start working for clients via Actief Werkt! Techniek.

Meet Thomas Erdman

17 May 2022

Thomas has been committed to Actief Werkt! Technology for years. In 5 years he made great strides from junior project manager to branch manager.

We celebrate this on May 1th

1 May 2022

May 1 is Labor Day. But do you actually know why we celebrate this? Here you can read the story behind May 1.

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